I mainly use simple off-the-shelf classic black frames with antique white mounts. I buy the frame first and do the drawing to fit the frame as this saves the cost of custom framing. If the customer requires a custom size/colour I do use a great local framers from which I'll find out the cost prior to confirming the commission.

A drawing can be any size the customer wishes but I stick to the two main classic sizes when discussing prices:

A4 Frame size: 33cm x 42cm (13" x 16.5") Actual drawing size: 20cm x 29cm (8" x 11.4")

A3 Frame size: 42cm x 52cm (16.5" x 20.5") Actual drawing size: 25.7cm x 38cm (10.1" x 15")


Delivery by recorded delivery is included in all commission prices (in the UK only, normal delivery for international orders) and all my drawings are packaged to the highest standards. The frame's corners are protected and the entire frame wrapped in bubble wrap. It's then further encased in cardboard and finally wrapped in classic brown package paper with a printed address label. If you've ordered an unframed drawing it'll be sent backed on a sturdy piece of MDF wrapped in cellophane.


I only use the highest quality materials for my drawings. They aren't your average sketches but a unique work of fine art that you will cherish and hold onto.

I use Daler-Rowney Bristol Board, a very stiff, very smooth, acid-free brilliant white paper. The premium paper for realist pencil works.

I use both Staedtler Mars Lumograph and Faber-Castell 9000 pencil sets.

Taking the right photograph

If you're planning on taking a new photo of the subject you want drawn I have a few tips.

It's best if you can take the photograph in natural daylight so you don't have to use the flash. Using the flash can dilute the shadows on a subject and cause red eye in subjects.

Make sure you have your camera set to it's highest resolution and send that to me, the bigger the photo, the better for me so I can really see the details.

Take many photos and pick out your favourite 4-5 to send to me. We can then discuss together which will make the best reference.

Any further queries, no matter how small, please email me or use the form on my contact page.