I have a love for pencils and drawings. I love the traditional and have always appreciated the technique and patience that goes into creating a realist drawing. Often the drawing is regarded in art as a preparatory process to a final painting or sculpture but I prefer to regard it as the final work, to me there is nothing more pure than a drawing. All the world has loved to draw, from the first people scratching a bison onto a cave wall to a modern child with a crayon, drawing has a long history and is the fundamental base of art.

I am captivated by the simple immediacy of pencil onto paper and breaking the world down into lines, shapes, light, and shade and then building it back up again with graphite. As prominent artist Sarah Simblet says, “By drawing the world around us, we learn to see it.”.

I draw to try and discover something new in a subject and to help show the I love I have for realist art, when you see a great drawing a viewer loves to get close to it, inspect it, admire it and ultimately regard the subject more than a photograph.



Born, raised and currently living in the north east of England, Jonny is a self-taught professional artist specialising in pencil drawings of people and animals.

Jonny had his first exhibition in the Lounge Gallery at the Darlington Arts Centre. The exhibition, titled 'The Beauty of Beasts' was described as the most successful and well attended in recent memory, selling over £1500 worth of drawings. It attracted great reviews and a double page spread in a major regional newspaper (The Northern Echo).

Jonny's work is widely collected both internationally and in the UK.